torsdag 14. august 2008

More kindness - the easiest task in the Summer Games

Since 3 of my great grandparents came from Sweden to Norway in the beginning of 1900s, I like to work with swedish sources also. Sweden is a bit different from Norway, but not to bad. The language is pretty close, (sounds like different accents only - like New Zealand and USA maybe?), and the most important sources in both Norway and Sweden are the churchrecords, censuses and probate records.

The biggest difference between norwegian and swedish genealogy resources, is that in Norway they are available for free, both transcribed censuses and scanned churchrecords. In Sweden they are transcribed and/or scanned also, but there you have to pay. I know that nothing in this world is free, so I pay where I have to pay, and enjoy the free resources where I find them.

In Norway we have a great genealogy society DIS-Norge (almost 9000 members out of 4.5 million norwegians, not to bad!) - and I am the president of the county-"branch" in Oslo/Akershus where I live (almost 2000 members). We have a query/message board for both members and non-members, where I do a lot of lookups. And, today I have worked on a query about people from Skee parish in Gøteborg/Bohuslän county in Sweden, where my great grand parents came from. They were not related to my family though, but fun to work with afterall! Here you can see the query (only in norwegian - but...)

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We do have a sister organisation in Sweeden too, DIS. You will find information on them here: