søndag 10. august 2008

Sources sources sources...

Today I first made a list of all the persons I have in my database without any sources at all! Lots of living persons of course, that I have just put in because I know their names and birthdates, but also lots of the first persons I collected from family history books and local history books when I started my genealogy database in 1997.

Category 1, Cite Sources:
Sources corrected/identified/cited: 17
Persons attatched to sources: 37 (plus 31 living relatives)

Category 5, Genealogy Kindness:

A - comment on a new (to me) Genea Blog -
Done (I have one goal, to read all the participants blogs to get to know where their heritage is and maybe get to know them better! Already commented on one)

D. Assist another researcher with a research request
This is the easiest one in the whole Games, as I do this all the time :-) Today I posted a reply on Ancestry.com messageboard, to give some help on Oslo-research. Norway is a great country for genealogists, as we have lots of records online for free!
This is the thread I put my answer to today, and I am sure I will find more to put there.

F. Join a genealogical, historical, heritage or lineage society.
For years I have thought about joining Wisconsin Historical Society, as my great grandfathers sister settled there, and I have also many other familymembers that went to Wisconsin. Today I e-mailed them my membership form with payment details!

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TorillJ sa...

Very good Laila. Commenting today from the USA. Without knowing this also was a part of your competition, I must admit I joined the Trønderlag of America yesterday and paid my membership for three years ahead.

Hope we will be able to attend the Norsk Hostfest in Minot next year with a Norwegian group from our organization DIS-Norway

Laila Christiansen sa...

Great, count me in! I already warned Dear Hubby, so we can as well just book plant-tickets and prepare for a looong Florida stay with a jump to Minot! Well depends actually on when the Hostfest is... (might be in another part of the world..)

TorillJ sa...

Have mentionned this to some of the folks here. They will do som research fo us and give advice.