torsdag 18. desember 2008

New book for my private library!

Since I gave away a book at the EGSF-meeting, I just had to buy another one to take home.

This book is a great guide for us using as one of the main tools for genealogy research. Looking forward to use and read it, and maybe give some good tips from it to others!

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Sue Davis sa...

George Morgan, the author of this and several other books, is a great speaker with vast knowledge for numerous genealogy topics. I have attended classes, meetings and conferences where he was a featured speaker, including his speaking at EGSF's 5th anniversary. I took an online class from him on Immigration and as a result found several links to my Harris family.
I know this book will be a great read and will recommed that EGSF purchace it for our library where we meet!
George lives in Florida and also is a good friend.
Sue Davis
Venice, FL

TorillJ sa...

Kan du ta med en hjem til meg?