søndag 18. oktober 2009

Billy the big Gator in Fiddler's Pond... (aka See you later Alligator)

I found some "old" diskettes at the office yesterday. I had to take them home to go through them, so see what secrets they hid. Diskette-drives are hard to find these days...

Billy the big Gator had been av visitor for only a few days in the pond outside our kitchen window. He was a big fella, and someone decided to call Gator-Man to take him away. Gator-Man came, got Bily the Big Gator out of the pond. Gator-Man promised that Billy was to go to Everglades, to live in a gators restinghome and see nice gatorladies, drink Gatorade, have a good time. This was in 1999, so I think that was true at the time. Today... naaah... (to many gators, to little time)

The green car in the back on the picture is our rental. Gator-Man has been working for 20 minutes to get Billy the Big out of the pond.

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