tirsdag 13. april 2010

Englewood Genealogical Society Florida...

SIG = Special Interest Group.
And... we are the Scandinavian SIG. So - we are not only the Special Interest Group! We are the Special Interest Group for the very special Scandinavians!!! My pictures from the meeting are so bad, I can't put them on my blog! Sorry guys!
A great meeting, 11 people with blond hair and/or viking blood in their veins! (and a swede, she is also scandinavian and a viking, so .... :D
Sue is my twin genealocical soul. She is so involved, so happy, so knowledgeable, so in to it... I feel like we are actually ... yeah.. sort of twins... (not identical .. not identical only in our genealogical soul!!! )

Maren, one of the EGSF girls, sort of talked me into trying \Family Tree Maker without uttering a word. I am not going to switch, I am a Legacy fan, addict, user ... need the norwegian sting to it.. but, by putting my Legacy database (don't even have to go via Gedcom) - into FTM - I can go there in the cyberspace, into the Ancestry world, and see if I get a small green leaf!
I will tell you how this turned out in another blog, because I already found a 3rd cousin out there, by going into the Ancestry.com family trees!! (oh yeah, I know there might be errors, but this is newer stuff, I am sure these people know who their grandparents are, and I know exactly where their grandmother came from... she came from Myrer farm in Frogner, Sørum, Akershus Norway!!

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Astrid sa...

That is awesome, Laila. I also have been using FTM. I like it because of the connection with Ancestry. I also own Legacy but haven't used it.

By the way, I was wondering about Parish records that are not available online. Ullern Parish has my ggg-grandmother's death record-- I believe. I was told by someone from the Oslo Archives in Norway that Ullern has not released the records from the year I seek. I tried emailing them, but they haven't answered. What are the chances I can go to the Parish this summer and just ask them if I can look for it? Thanks!!!

Sue Davis sa...

It was a great meeting. Laila helped us in understanding an Eiker map from 1784. If you want to see the map, contact me and I will be glad to send you a link.
FTM has been a great resource with the little green leaves to help me connect with researchers for my Bjerknes and Horgen families.

Liv Ofsdal sa...

I looked at the Eiker-map I got from Sue - lots of known places there :)

I'm looking forward to hear more about Bjerknes, Sue - I have a bygdebook here with a special section on Bjerknes, but I will scan until I see if it's the same people.

(Translated with google...)