tirsdag 29. juni 2010

Lois from Engewood Genealogical Society FL...

At my first visit to Elsie Quirk library in Englewood I met Lois. Or ... I actually attacked her .... I was in a line to get som copies from a genealogy-book for my own projects, when I saw her... in her hand she had a book... Cradled in Sweden! I just "Heey - are you a genealogist"... and she looked at me and said... "Yes".... And I said.. "I am norwegian, I can see you are working on Swedish people..." .. Lois just "Oh - you must be sent from heaven, I need help with some translations...."

I told her to come to the next meeting in the Englewood Genealogical Society, - Scandinavian Special Interest group. And who met me there a few days later? Lois of course!!

Now I have helped her with some translations, I have also helped her finding her husbands ggggrandmother in Sweden, and I think I have found her some living relatives in Sweden! A fast search in DISbyt - the swedish DIStreff (the norwegian site only in norwegian right now) - both huge databases ment to find other people working on the same names and folks and farms and places.. (remember - this i NOT a primary source, this is other peoples research, use it for what it is made for, to find other researchers)


Maybe I can give Lois a living relative for Christmas???

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Astrid sa...

It feels so good to help people find their ancestors. I love it. Good job, Laila!