tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Genealogy tip of the day

Genealogy Tip of the Day  is written by Michael John Neill, nationally know genealogical researcher, writer and lecturer. He also writes a weekly newsletter, Casefile Clues that covers a variety of genealogy how to topics. Every week Casefile Clues brings you one or more on sources, methodology, studies of cases, source citations, and a lot of other genealogy topics.

In the Genealogy Tip of the Day you'll find some great tips and suggestions, Have a look and enjoy. Actually many of the tips goes where ever you are in the world doing genealogy research, but of course, some also only goes for the US research.

Some of the tips are like "of course - I knew that" - some are more "aaah yeah I will try that one".

I will put it on my blog-roll so I remember to go in there every day.

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