fredag 24. februar 2012

Sometimes Genealogy can be murder...

Today another book arrived from Amazon, "Only a few bones" by  John Philip Coletta.

From the back of the book:
John Philip Coletta, Ph. D. is one of Americas most popular genealogical lecrureres. He is based in Washington DC. He conducts workshops for the National Archives, teaches courses for the Smithsonian Institution and lectures nationally. He is also on the faculty of three genealogical institutes held annually.

Coletta's family history say his ancestor was murdered in Mississippi. Newspaper articles and court records said the man and four other victims were killed and incinerated in his remote country store.  This case was never solved.  This book gives the answers to what really happened the night of March 4th, 1873.

The "Only a few bones" is a tour-de-øforce of tenealogyical and historical sleuthing. It deserves to be read at least twise by every family historian! (Helen Hinchliff, professional author and genealogist).

The prologue can be read here:

I am  really looking forward to tomorrow, then I will be out in the pool, reading!

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