fredag 9. mars 2012 - world champions in family history?

Many sites out there with information about Scandinavian research. But this might be the one you really should follow. - the "world champions" in Genealogy is Familysearch, and they are putting out new inforamtion, resources and sources almost every day.

The FamilySearch Blog is interesting, and it gives tips about lots of different aspects on the research we are doing around this world. - where you can search for family - where you will find their research Wiki with informaton and how-to's for many different countries. One of the good places there for Scandinavian research is the Scandinavia Portal

Churchrecord from Nittedal 1776 - curtesy of
The reason I thougth about Familysearch today was their post from their Facebook "Family History Library" - where they mentioned a blog-post from July 2011. This is important stuff if you gets back to the way-back-when!

Scandinavian Feast Day Calendars

They have actually put out a calendar there too, to use when you see those strange dates for ggggrandfathers christening date... make sure to check it out!

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