torsdag 3. oktober 2013

New updates from Joe Beine - Online indexes for records of deaths, obituaries and cemeteries!

I have mentioned Joe's blog and his website  several times, it is really useful!  
I follow his blog:  Genealogy Roots Blog  and his Facebook-page - Online Searchable Death indexes and records and  the website itself: Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records - A genealogy guide

Joe has again updated his list, with several indexes. The important index for me this time, was one for Shawano County in Wisconsin, as my great grandfathers sister settled there with her family.

Now I am going to order several obituaries, based on the index from the "Shawano County  Genealogy" website on Rootsweb (now included in the "Ancestry Community"........ )

Joe Beine has, in addition to the death/obit/cemetery-indexes, several index-sites worth a visit:

Thank you again Joe, for your wonderful work!

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